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TACTICKER - realistic trigger system for airsoft replicas

TACTICKER - realistic trigger system for airsoft replicas

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TACTICKER is compatible with:

  • TITAN II Bluetooth
  • ASTER II Bluetooth for V2
  • ASTER SE for V2
  • ASTER SX for V2
  • other brand ETUs

TACTICKER is not compatible with:

  • TITAN V2 (1st generation)


You can use TACTICKER with Nova Trigger, Quantum Trigger, and standard AEG triggers

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  • TACTICKER is an advanced trigger resistance mechanism that replicates the feel and functionality of real firearm triggers. It offers adjustable trigger pull resistance, providing users with a realistic and immersive shooting experience.

    Crafted with CNC technology, TACTICKER offers the flexibility to set different operational characteristics – from combat, two-stage configuration, through slight resistance and short pull as in shooting sports, up to a very sensitive Speedsoft trigger – in the case of adjustable movement triggers, where it’s possible to eliminate the standard trigger spring.

    The hardened components ensure durability and reliable performance thanks to the use of ALU 7075 and hardened C45 steel.

    TACTICKER brings you by far the highest available trigger pull resistance on the market. The trigger resistance range is as wide as 950 to 4500 g. The ability to set the trigger pull resistance and operating characteristics similar to a firearm.

    TACTICKER is compatible with V2 ETUs such as ASTER V2, ASTER II Bluetooth® for V2, TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 and others. Please note, it is not compatible with TITAN V2.

    Smooth trigger resistance adjustability makes it an ideal upgrade for your replica if you are passionate about realism. It caters to various needs and is suitable for both Speedsoft with minimal trigger movement and for MilSim with full trigger travel and high trigger pull resistance. Enjoy the realistic trigger sound and elevate your shooting training to a new dimension.

    • by far the largest available contact force on the market: 950 - 4500 g
    • world's first HPA-compatible realistic trigger system
    • works with most standard V2 units
    • adjustable trigger resistance, infinitely adjustable
    • realistic sound and feel of the trigger work
    • possibility to set different working characteristics: single-stage for adjustable trigger or two-stage
    • high durability thanks to the use of ALU 7075 and hardened C45 steel
    • possibility to leave out the standard spring to achieve a very soft trigger – for pretravel adjustable triggers


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    Transform your AEG into a computerized training system and gain a unique tactical advantage thanks to extremely fast trigger response—just like in real life.


    The younger brother of the well-known TITAN. Designed to achieve maximum reliability at an attractive price and destined for most AEGs. ASTER is destined for most builds.


    Get data in real-time directly from the STATUS screen to reinforce your tactical decisions. No more surprises with an empty magazine or a discharged battery.


    GATE Control Station is a free universal app for configuring, controlling, and connecting the GATE Ecosystem elements such as the TITAN, ASTER and STATUS.


    Virtual STATUS functions in your smartphone. No more surprises with an empty magazine or battery.


    GCS App provides essential STATUS functionalities such as the BB counter, magazine counter, and the remaining shots on the battery.


    Blu-Link allows for wireless management of your GATE ETU via the GCS App. You can use an iPhone, Android smartphone or a computer to control your replica with Bluetooth® 5.0.


    The USB-Link dongle is used for connecting GATE ETUs with PC, Mac, and Android devices. Working in tandem with the GCS App gives you full access to functions and settings.

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