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PULSAR S Nozzle – 19.40-19.60 mm [AK47], 21.25-21.40 [M4/M16] & 23.80-24.00 mm [SR25]

PULSAR S Nozzle – 19.40-19.60 mm [AK47], 21.25-21.40 [M4/M16] & 23.80-24.00 mm [SR25]

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The new-generation PULSAR S Nozzle, with an improved design that provides faster nozzle response, allows setting shorter solenoid valve opening times, and hard anode for greater durability and reduced friction. The new nozzle design is also compatible with the nozzle sleeve.

Due to the nature of the design and operation of the engine, the compatibility range of the nozzle length relative to that of the AEG nozzle is between 21.25 mm and 21.40mm.

2 O-rings included

Product Changelog

Revision 2

  • Chamfer change in the nozzle, which improves sealing with hop-up bucking

  • Change in the method of anodizing the nozzle - hard anodizing, which increases the strength of the nozzle and reduces its resistance to movement

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