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EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth®

EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth®

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Power version

GATE recommends 7.4 V & 11.1 V batteries with 1200 mAh capacity or higher. We do not recommend 14.8 V batteries.

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GATE EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth®


  • Short Stroke 330 FPS / 1.0 J
  • Short Stroke 350 FPS / 1.2 J
  • Full Stroke 440 FPS / 1.8 J

Energy measured for 0.20 g BBs and a 300 mm barrel*

EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth® includes top-notch internal components. GATE analyzed and gathered the most advanced technologies available for AEGs and constructed the top-class gearbox, with no savings on parts. Instead of thinking about tuning, now you can obtain at a fair price a ready-to-use, complete gearbox with warranty. Over a million of shots fired to build the best and most reliable hi-end gearbox.

*Optimal inner barrel length from 250 mm to 430 mm (depending on the barrel length used, the muzzle velocity generated by the EON Complete V2 Gearbox may differ slightly from the declared one). We cannot guarantee the effective operation of the replica when using an internal barrel outside this range.


  • The build of best performance ensures insane trigger reaction and reliability
  • The preinstalled newest TITAN II Bluetooth® ETU gives you an extremely innovative advantage
  • Hi-end tuning parts, like GATE EON CNC Gearbox, EON Pneumatics set
  • First in the market Bluetooth® communication straight out of the box
  • Free access to GCS app lets you customize your replica settings live
  • 2-year limited warranty for the Complete Gearbox (we run extreme tests of hundreds of thousands shots)*
  • 2-year limited warranty for TITAN II Bluetooth®
  • Lifetime limited warranty for gearbox shell
  • Plug & Play straight out of the box - easy installation

*Out-of-the-box ROF is limited up to 25 RPS. This is a safeguard against component failure, when we offer full 2 year warranty.

You can exclude this limit by waiving the warranty for mechanical damage to internal parts in the GCS.

The warranty on the ETU and gearbox shell remains unchanged.

Parts List

  • GATE EON V2 Gearbox (Titanium)
  • TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 gearbox
  • Nova Trigger
  • High speed gear set 13:1 (for 450 FPS) or SSG gear set 13:1 (for 350 FPS)
  • Springs used are SSG for M110 and FSG for M120
  • Reinforced CNC Piston with full steel tooth rack
  • EON Protector Cylinder Head
  • EON High speed Piston Head
  • CNC POM sealed nozzle – 21.25 mm
  • Polished stainless steel cylinder – type 2
  • EON Tappet Plate
  • Reinforced anti-reversal latch
  • Reinforced and low-friction 8 mm bearings

                          Why EON?

                          • reliability – a guarantee that everything works and will work
                          • price – significantly cheaper than buying parts separately
                          • perfectly fitted out-of-the-box
                          • no service time and costs

                            GATE Control Station App

                            GATE Control Station is a free universal app for configuring, controlling, and connecting the GATE Ecosystem parts such as the TITAN and ASTER Electronic Trigger Units or the tactical computer STATUS. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. To connect with the GATE Control Station App, use Blu-Link or USB-Link and the corresponding device. Check the list of compatible devices below. Remember TITAN II Bluetooth® & ASTER II Bluetooth® do not require Blu-Link or USB-Link.

                            Update the firmware and adjust the settings of your ETU at home, using the USB-Link or Blu-Link and the GATE Control Station app. It is compatible with all firmware editions of ASTER and TITAN.

                            Download GCS for Windows

                            Download GCS for macOS

                            GATE Control Station Beta

                            Enjoy a separate app for all testers and tech maniacs. You will find here new functions, settings, and layouts before we release them in the stable version. Have fun testing and share your feedback.

                            Download GCS Beta for Windows

                            Download GCS Beta for macOS

                            GATE Control Station Mobile App

                            Download the GATE Control Station app onto your Android or iOS device and enjoy full control over your TITAN, ASTER or the tactical computer STATUS on or off the field. To connect with the GATE Control Station App, use Blu-Link or USB-Link and the corresponding device. Check the list of compatible devices below. 

                            Download GCS App for Android

                            Download GCS App for iOS

                            Please note that due to Apple OTG policy GCS iOS App is not compatible with USB-Link. You can use it with the Blu-Link dongle.

                            To connect the tactical computer STATUS with iOS or Android devices, it is necessary to use Blu-Link.

                            Acting as your own tactical control panel, GCS allows you to:

                            • Simply adjust GATE device settings (TITAN, ASTER, STATUS, Blu-Link, and other GATE products)
                            • Manage connection with GATE dongles (Blu-Link, USB-Link)
                            • See Statistics
                            • Display telemetry data
                            • Perform diagnostics and send reports

                            Moreover, GATE Control Station gives you the option to:

                            • Update firmware
                            • Check options available for different GATE ETUs in the Preview Mode
                            • Contact the GATE support team
                            • Receive important messages about updates and new releases

                            The GCS App is designed to support ASTER, TITAN, STATUS, Blu-Link, USB-Link, and other GATE Ecosystem parts.

                            View full details

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