The GATE Epic Launch - TITAN II Bluetooth®, HPA Engine, EON Complete Gearbox & Hop-up chamber

The GATE Epic Launch - TITAN II Bluetooth®, HPA Engine, EON Complete Gearbox & Hop-up chamber

Since 2009 when the GATE brand was created, the airsoft market has been changing a lot, especially in terms of technology. In the first years of developing GATE company, it managed to achieve the enormous market share in the electronics part of airsoft industry. Nevertheless, the global tendency of quick development of technological improvements motivated GATE team to move forward with new projects and develop their competencies & knowledge in airsoft technologies. GATE strived for diversification of product line, introducing not only electronics, but also mechanical and mechatronics solutions. Working on completely ground-breaking products let GATE team gain a new experience and move into the direction of manufacturing the final results, which are proudly presented with the GATE Epic Launch. Almost 14 years of mastery let them create the series of innovative solutions which combine GATE electronics with sophisticated mechanics. See below the quintessence of many intensive years the steadfast team spent on R&D works.


TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 GB [AEG & HPA]

Let’s start with the star. State-of-the-art TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 GB [AEG & HPA] is GATE flagship Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU). Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology gives a direct access to TITAN settings, AEG telemetry and ability to use smartwatch, STATUS and other future devices of GATE Ecosystem. Innovative gear sensor not only counts each tooth, but also as first in the world determines the direction of a gear rotation, offering the most precise cycle control in AEGs. Mind-blowing optical trigger sensor allows for setting hair trigger with ludicrous precision: even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement, keeping TITAN V2 sensor advantages. TITAN II Bluetooth® is equipped with a multifunctional port ready for connecting additional accessories such as bolt-catch, magazine sensor, tracer in hop-up chamber and others. TITAN II Bluetooth® open the doors for airsofters to equip with the most hi-end ETU in the whole airsoft world.


What makes TITAN II Bluetooth® so special?

  • Mind-blowing trigger sensor with the TITAN V2 sensor advantages and ability to set hair trigger with ludicrous precision: even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement

  • Brand new patented gear sensor, as first in the world, detects each tooth and the direction of gear movement what allows for extremely precise cycle control

  • Mechanical protection of trigger sensors increases reliability. A potential trigger sensors' damage is now covered by the warranty.

  • Ultra-precise telemetry measurements thanks to the new current sensor

  • Pre-cocking can be set in %

  • Built-in voltage boost converter. Trouble-free operation in low temperatures

  • Multifunctional programmable port ready for connecting:

    • Hop-up chamber to tracer and sensors

    • Bolt-catch button

    • HPA Engine (Single solenoid. For dual solenoid engine you need an additional cable or HPA wiring version)

    • Electric Magazine

    • Magazine sensor

    • Flashlight

    • Others

  • User-friendly GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS

  • TITAN II can be connected with smartwatch out-of-the-box

  • Compatibility with GATE Ecosystem including GATE STATUS and future hop-up chamber with tracer

  • Lowest in the market current consumption. Deep sleep mode with only 0.1 mA current consumption prevents battery discharge (3x lower consumption than in current ETUs, which already had the lowest current consumption on the market).


PULSAR S HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth®

GATE didn’t stop at electronics. Many years of constructors' experience let them create the world’s most advanced & cheapest HPA engine. Innovative PULSAR S HPA Engine in tandem with the most advanced ETU - TITAN II Bluetooth®, makes the first in history HPA engine controlled by an electronic trigger unit with optical sensors and Bluetooth® technology. With PULSAR S users get a ludicrous trigger response, unknown before in the airsoft world. The user-friendly GCS App for smartphones enables airsoft players to manage AEG settings live, even straight from the field! Set the fire selector modes, trigger sensitivity, ROF or connect smartwatch in order to know how many BBs are still there in your magazine. The whole electronics lies inside of a gearbox (free space in a butt stock or a grip). For the first time ever, users of HPA replicas can experience a multitude of airsoft replica settings and configurations as well as optical trigger sensor, what has been till now possible only for AEGs' users. With the newest sensor you can set a trigger sensitivity unattainable before - even 50 sensitivity points in the 1st millimeter of movement. Finally, the GATE technology breaks into the world of HPA replicas. Take your replica into the future!



  • The best price-performance ratio - highest technologies at reasonable price

  • TITAN II Bluetooth® - the first Bluetooth optical ETU in HPA replica

    • mind-blowing optical trigger sensor allows you for setting hair trigger with ludicrous precision: even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement

    • Bluetooth 5.2 - connection with other devices from GATE Ecosystem, eg. STATUS, smartwatch

    • for the first time in HPA replicas configurable fire modes such as binary trigger, burst, etc

    • User-friendly GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS

    • constant online access to firmware updating

  • Adjustable ROF (1 to 40 RPS)

  • Additionally stabilized nozzle ensures FPS consistency and eliminates Mid-cap syndrome

  • Multifunctional port ready to connect accessories such as Bolt-catch button, magazine sensor, Hop-up chamber tracer, electric magazine power supply or a flashlight

  • Simple maintanance thanks to a well-thought-of build



EON Complete V2 Gearbox Bluetooth®

EON Complete V2 Gearbox Bluetooth®

Additionally, GATE analyzed and gathered the most advanced technologies available for AEGs and constructed the top-class hi-end gearbox, with no savings on parts. The company presents the first in the world EON Complete V2 Gearbox Bluetooth®. Now, instead of thinking about tuning, you obtain at a reasonable price a ready-to-use, complete gearbox with warranty. Over a million of shots fired to build the best and most reliable hi-end gearbox!

EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth® - including top-notch internal components



  • The build of best performance ensures insane trigger reaction and reliability

  • Preinstalled newest TITAN II Bluetooth® ETU gives you an extremely innovative advantage

  • Hi-end tuning parts, like GATE EON CNC Gearbox, EON Pneumatics set

  • First in the market Bluetooth® communication straight out of the box

  • Free access to GCS app lets you customize your replica settings live

  • Full support for brushless motors

  • 2-year limited warranty (we run extreme tests of hundreds of thousands shots)

  • Plug & Play straight out of the box - easy installation

  • Available in two versions: 450 fps and 350 fps


Perfectly fits with GATE EON Hop-up Chamber & other chambers ready for 21.25mm nozzle length.


EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth®

The most important 'why-to-buy' reasons:

  • reliability - a guarantee that everything works and will work

  • price - significantly cheaper than buying parts separately

  • perfectly fitted out-of-the-box

  • no service time and costs


EON Hop-Up Chamber

The fourth fruit of GATE team’s intensive works is a top-notch EON Hop-Up Chamber. The highly precise CNC machined hop-up chamber stuns with FPS precision & consistency, ensures a perfect sealing and BBs feeding. Revolutionary TDC system of hop-up adjustment always gives you an ideal and horizontal placement of hop-up nub, what makes the BBs' flight trajectory perfectly straight. Tight tolerances of crucial dimensions let for constant FPS level and stable working of the hop-up system. Redesigned c-clip, CNC made from POM material, gives an anti-rotation of the barrel which enables simple and error-free assembling.



  • Precise and stable hop-up adjustment thanks to the first-class TDC (Top Down Centered) system

  • Always horizontal and straight BBs' flight trajectory

  • No tightening effect on hop-up bucking collar

  • No effect of rolling up the bucking collar

  • Perfect seal with hop-up buckings (no Teflon fix needed)

  • Full range of regulation of hop-up force, no matter what kind of hop-up nub you use

  • Strong and tight CNC c-clip which ensures stabilization of the barrel

  • Perfect axial alignment of the barrel in the chamber

  • Extremely precise hop-up force adjustment thanks to the ergonomic rotary dial

  • Perfectly fits GATE PULSAR S HPA Engine and GATE EON Complete V2 Gearbox




All the GATE devices with Bluetooth have certifications of conformity with Radio Equipment Regulations and can be legally sold in Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Korea & more.

You are invited to familiarize with the products' descriptions at GATE website:

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