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X-ASR2 - The latest version of the very well-known X-ASR unit. From now on, the mosfet heats up a lot less despite its ability to operate under higher loads - this includes even  M150 springs or stronger ones. X-ASR-2 acting as an electronic guard, improves your AEG’s safety and durability through conformal coating and self-test with 2 LEDs. The circuit is equipped with two LEDs indicating the operation of the circuit and errors that occur. Each time the battery is connected, the mosfet performs a selftest, after which it reports that it is ready for operation.


  • Increased maximum load
  • Reduced unit heating during operation
  • LEDs indicating device status
  • Simple installation - unit mounted on connectors

** X-ASR2 is not equipped with reverse polarity protection. Damage resulting from reverse battery connection is not covered under warranty.

Kit contents:

1. X-ASR2

2. 'Troubleshooting' Card

3. Connectors set

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