GATE EON Complete V2 Gearbox – Features

  • The build of best performance ensures insane trigger reaction and reliability
  • The preinstalled newest TITAN II Bluetooth® ETU gives you an extremely innovative advantage
  • Hi-end tuning parts, like GATE EON CNC Gearbox, EON Pneumatics set
  • First in the market Bluetooth® communication straight out of the box
  • Free access to GCS app lets you customize your replica settings live
  • 2-year limited warranty for the Complete Gearbox (we run extreme tests of hundreds of thousands shots)*
  • 2-year limited warranty for TITAN II Bluetooth®
  • Lifetime limited warranty for gearbox shell
  • Plug & Play straight out of the box - easy installation

*Out-of-the-box ROF is limited up to 25 RPS. This is a safeguard against component failure, when we offer full 2 year warranty.

You can exclude this limit by waiving the warranty for mechanical damage to internal parts in the GCS.

The warranty on the ETU and gearbox shell remains unchanged.